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. the u.s. sent one other urban search and rescue team. that team is from los angeles. of course, our coverage will be online on let's check back in with mary ann after -- rafferty with a look at japan. >> there was a loud bang followed by white smoke and a third reactor of the power planted. it is likely that a hydrogen explosion occurred. >> reporter: authorities have been frantically trying to cool the plant down following a system failure in the wake of a massive earthquake and tsunami. the government has evacuated tens of thousands near the plant. monday also brought a powerful 6.2 aftershock to japan. residents are still scrambling to evacuate in the wake of friday's massive 9.0 magnitude quake. millions of quake survivors are struggling to find food and water and drivers are being rationed small amounts of fuel has some gas station are running out. the u.s. state department urges no americans to travel there. japanese-americans are struggling to connect with anyone. >> it is busy all the time. we tried e-mail and when we got on the e-mail and send it out, it came
coast of the u.s. and canada. in the last hour, tsunami warning sirens have been going off in hawaii bracing for a tidal we've. the 8.9 earthquake one of the biggest to hit japan. the prime minister there calling for calm. the government calling for international assistance and the u.s. ambassador in japan says the united states is ready to help. >>> we'll continue to monitor that throughout the morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tucker barnes with us here with a look at our forecast as we get things moving on a friday morning. >> good morning. much improvement today after last night got very interesting. we had severe thunderstorm warnings, a lot of heavy rain. all of that oust here and now we are looking at some sunshine. >> that will be good. >> quieter weather and spring- like conditions around here. we've been promising it all week. by tomorrow, it will be absolutely beautiful. we'll show you the rain moving on out of here. the heaviest rain still off to the east. we'll see more and more sunshine during the day today. a little later today, we'll see more clouds
has become too much to handle. >> we've been advised by the u.s. ambassador and by a nuclear expert friend of mine that we should get out for now. otherwise, we wouldn't leave, because we love it here. we don't want to leave. >> it's for my children i'm scared. >> reporter: some flights from japan are bringing trace amounts of radiation with them, including o'hare and chicago. >> does it concern you that they've found trace radiation levels on peoplecoming back on these planes from japan from tokyo? >> well i guess i didn't know that. so yeah that is a little concerning. sure it is. >> i would go the other way i'm not that concerned. i think it will be minor if anything at this point. >> reporter: a medical shipment to dallas had small amounts of radiation. >> they're planning flight paths that keep the aircraft away from any potential radioactive clouds that may be out there. they're doing modeling with the nuclear regulatory agency and the faa. >> reporter: atmospheric monitoring stations in southern california are on watch for possible radiation from japan. >> we do not expect ha
, it will be mostly sunny. take a look. things have really quieted down across the eastern u.s. the forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. much cooler after a high yesterday of 72 degrees. it hit 72 degrees i think for like eight minutes. 50 will be the high today. many of you will top out in the upper 40s. >>> let's check in with julie wright. >> southbound third street tunnel remains closed at this time because of accident activity. a fatal crash occurred about 12:30 this morning. the southbound stretch of the tunnel is closed. there is no access coming from new york avenue into the tunnel at this point f you are traveling from massachusetts avenue into the southbound third street tunnel, that is closed off as well. so there is nobody traveling southbound coming from northeast headed to southeast into the third street tunnel. as you can clearly see, police are here. they are blocking that entrance into the southbound third street tunnel this morning from northeast and from massachusetts avenue headed over towards 395. how do you get around it. from the north to the south, you want to stick with bw
to spray water on the reactors from the found. all of the reactors are in trouble and u.s. officials say it's more serious than the worst u.s. accident in u.s. history. >> the events unholding in -- unfolding in japan incidents actually appear to be more serious than three mile island. to what extent we don't really know now. >> they are also working this morning to restore electricity to the plant to restart the cooling system. >>> also other earthquakes that occurred. two felt in chile in canada, no damage there. another in the south pacific about 1,000 miles east of australia. it was 17 miles under the sea floor and officials say there was no danger in this case of a tsunami. >>> now to a developing story out of montgomery county. there was an explosion outside after a home there. this happened in th9200 block of inglewood drive in potomac and we find fox 5's sherri ly with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning sarah. police and firefighters have pulled out of here. you can see the house where that explosion happened right behind me and if we can zoom in you can see the ver
was heard in tripoli. the u.s. says its role in the protection is decreasing but still about half of the missiles last mate were from american warships and planes. president obama says this is hoareized by the united nations. >> our military ask is in support of a international mandate from the security council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by colonel ghadafi to his people. >> the air strike on libya also helping the rebels who are fighting ghadafi's forces back in several cities this morning. >>> a lot more for you this morning including an update of what is happening in japan. details of what workers were able to do at the damaged nuclear power plant and the first nonamerican victim of the disasters. she is from virginia. >>> residents living nearby told to stay indoors near a chemical plant. we'll have details coming up.  [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life. so i've got to take care of my heart. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, take care of your heart with cheerios.
between 20 and 30 kilometers should stay inside. >> reporter: one u.s. nuclear expert said the danger may be far worse. he called the latest developments a sign that there is nothing left to do but throw in the towel. the death toll is still expected to top 10,000 in japan from the earthquake and tsunami with at least 3,300 people now confirmed dead. japan's emperor today urged people not to give up. >>> as events unfold in japan, u.s. lawmakers are taking a close are look at the safety of nuclear plants here. right now, there are 104 nuclear plants licensed to operate here in the united states. more than two dozen more units are in the works even. the diablo canyon facility has the attention because it is on the coast of earthquake-prone california. officials say it was designed to with stand a 7.5 earthquake and a 30-foot tsunami but not everyone is convinced. >> i think there should be a moratorium on any further permitting for nuclear power plants in the united states that are in earthquake-prone areas of our country. >> there has been a pause for 15 years now and i think it is time t
mayor, adrian fenty. gray is welcoming an investigation and a former u.s. attorney says it needs to be completely independent. brown says he got envelopes filled with cash. gilled have my coat and then someone said let me see your coat for a second. the next thing i know, i got an envelope stuck in it. >> the problem with the d.c. attorney general doing it, they do not have grand jury authority. the u.s. attorney can call people in. >> the u.s. attorney says the office typically does not confirm or deny the existence of investigates and says at this time the office has no comments on the allegation this is this matter. >>> coming up, the latest from libya including what other countries are threatening. they may be getting involved. >>> the alleged east coast rapist making his first court appearance. we'll get an update on that. >>> the charlie sheen drama continues. he is now out of a job. we'll check more headlines.  ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy low-fat yogurt, mcdonald's strawberry-banana and wild berry
a while for colonel moammar ghadafi to step down. he also says the u.s. is considering whether to arm the rebels. they have been taking a beating from ghadafi's forces over the last couple of days. they tried taking ghadafi's hometown yesterday but are now in full retreat after gain a lot of territory following coalition air strikes. the u.s. intervention in libya has cost taxpayers more than a half a billion dollars already. coalition warplanes have flown nearly 400 bombing missions. >>> here in the district, it will be another week before we learn more about the gray administration's hiring practices and the investigation into whether they're legal or illegal. the whole thing has local leaders squaring off against each other. councilmember david catania told the committee on government operations and the environment he believes public is clamoring to know if nepotism and other hiring rules were simply ignored by the gray administration. but marion barry who doesn't even have a seat on that committee, walked in put down his nameplate and launched i
to the disaster. >>> u.s. defense secretary robert gates is in russia today. secretary gates says he wants to east moscow's worries over missile defense shield in europe. this is expected to be his final visit as u.s. defense secretary. gates plans to retire this summer. >>> a tragic reminder about gun safety this morning. a little boy is dead police have questions about a horrible accident inside this house. >>> the time now is 5:07 on this monday. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy low-fat yogurt, mcdonald's strawberry-banana and wild berry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ >>> a tragedy in baltimore. a young child is dead after shooting himself. police say the 4-year-old boy found a loaded gun in a house yesterday morning and shot himself in the face. the child was taken to the hospital. he was then transferred to johns hopkins where he later died. police are still investigating this one and they haven't said if the little boy lived at the home or if he was just visiting or who
in the united states or in hawaii or any other u.s. territories. >> reporter: the japanese have asked the u.s. for help. a team based in rockville has left and is due to arrive in tokyo tomorrow. about 70,000 people have already been evacuated from around that power plants. the nuclear crisis now the worst in japan since the atomic bombing. >> thank you. >>> the potential nuclear disaster looming in japan has people in our area wondering about the safety of nuclear plants here. the calvert cliffs nuclear power plant is on the shores of the chesapeake bay in southern maryland. beth parker paid a visit to the plant for us. >> reporter: tony king drives a propane truck so he nodes a little something about danger and he can certainly tell you what that is just over his left shoulder. >> the power plant. >> how does it sound? >> annoying. >> pretty loud? >> yeah. >> reporter: it is loud for a reason. these speakers on giant poles who warn nearby residents in the event of a problem at calvert cliffs nuclear power plant. the plant sits on the edge of the chesapeake bay. they test the siren system fo
case. the u.s. attorney's office has confirmed that there is an investigation now into whether or not sulaimon brown actually received payment or promises of a job from the gray campaign. this all unfolded allegedly during the mayoral race. sulaimon brown claims that mayor gray promised him a job as long as he continued his attacks on then mayor fenty. now, brown is currently speaking with investigators about what he says happened. >> i can't comment on the specifics. i can just say that they were professional and i cooperated with everything they wanted. >> did you bring them some evidence in envelopes with -- >> i can't comment on that. >> did they take stuff from you as potential evidence? >> can't comment on that either. >> have you heard that vincent gray has hired a lawyer because you went to see the tobacco tonight? >> yes, you saw it on my phone. >> what is your reaction to that? >> no comment. >> i feel the residents of the district of columbia deseven better from a mayor. it is unfortunate that -- deserve better from a mayor. it is unfortunate that he has been telling
to the country to mediate the release of alan gross. gross was working for u.s. aid in december of 2009 when he was arrested and charged with trying to undermine cuba. gross' family says he was handing out communications equipment to the island's jewish community. reverend jackson has been to could you be in several times and in 1984 help negotiate the release of 26 prisoners. >>> the senate about to take up a measure that would keep the government running for a couple of weeks. it spending by $4 billion is expected to hit the president's desk tomorrow. >> we'll pass this and then we'll look to funding the government on a long-term basis. >> these cuts reflect this republican majority's continued commitment to significantly reduce spending, rein in the nation's exploding deficits and debt. >> the next step is to focus on a long-term funding bill to keep the government running for the rest of the fiscal year. >>> more frustration involving metro. >> showed him the card and he went back in the little hub and whatever they do and he brought it back to me and says this doesn't work, step back like
ghadafi unleashed their air power. john kerry and john mccain are among u.s. lawmakers who want to enforce a no-fly zone over libya. but the defense secretary says that would require dangerous bombing runs by american pilots and that could force the u.s. into a third war. soy a tragic scene on a highway overnight. we'll get details of a deadly bus crash. >>> a brawl ate local music awards store a video clip that is now going viral. the-- the brawl at a local music awards event. a video clip that is now going viral. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong, with big g kid cereals. ♪ >>> a deadly bus accident in northeastern pennsylvania is making headlines this morning. it happened during an i
water to babies as radio active iodine was found to be twice the recommended level. the u.s. food and drug administration banning imports of milk because of radiation fears. black smoke has been seen coming from reactor number three. the death toll from the quake and tsunami stands at 9300. almost 14,000 people are still missing. >>> football star lawrence taylor sentenced to six years probation after he pleaded guilty back in january to sexual misconduct and having sex with an underaged prostitute. the ex-new york joint will have to register as a sex offender but a hearing on how that will affect him was postponed to april 12th. the teenaged girl was the center of the case. she made a surprise appearance at his sentencing. she said he deserved jail time. girl arrived with celebrity lawyer gloria allred who described her as a sex trafficking victim. >>> a fox 5 follow-up. a wild, dangerous ride on one metro escalator. >> it happened last month and we now know what caused it all. that is coming up a little bit later. >>> also coming up, the latest on today's forecast. take the umbr
now to the crisis in libya, president obama strongly defended the u.s. military action last night giving a speech at the national defense university here in washington. he said the goal of the bombing was to stop the slaughter of civilians. >> we've accomplished these objectives consistent with the pledge that i made to the american people at the outset of our military operations. i said that america's role would be limited that we would trance officer responsibility to our allies and partners. tonight, we are fulfilling that pledge. >> nato formally takes over the mission tomorrow. later today, there is an international meeting in london to discuss the situation in libya. secretary of state hillary clinton is there and will meet with representatives from 40 other countries. >>> an attack on the national mall. two masked men attempt to rob a man. sarah simmons is live on the mall with more on this story. >> reporter: maureen, this is very bizarre. it happened in broad daylight in this area. in the middle of the day you wouldn't think and tax
. >>> two u.s. service members are dead after a gunman opened fire at an airport in germany. another two were hurt, one of them in life-threatening condition. the suspected gunman is in custody. he worked if he frankfurt airport. officials say the shooting happened as the soldiers sat on a bus to ramstein air force base. the u.s. airmen were all based in britain. >>> the government will stay in business at least for now. president obama did sign a republican-backed stopgap spending bill to keep the government from shutting down. the bill trims $4 billion from the budget but only funds the government for another two weeks. >>> it has come down to the wire now. current collective bargaining agreement for the nfl expires tonight at midnight. the league and the players union will resume mediation later this morning. the dallas cowboys owner jerry jones one of the big names in town downtown d.c. yesterday for the negotiations. after the early session, the nfl contingent headed to chantilly, virginia to begin filling in other owners on the status of the negotiations. the league has not lost an
violence against libyan people will be held accountable. >> mr. obama also announced he has ordered u.s. relief agencies to help evacuees return to their home country. >>> coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, allegations of punching, choking and paddling. >> some of the sorority members on one local campus are facing charges. we'll get a full report. >>> cold start to the day. we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s. hang in there. we'll have highs higher than yesterday. i'll have a look at that. julie wright is in with a look at your on-time traffic right after the break.  >>> 31 degrees right now in the capital. here is a look at the most common face on the planet, so says national geographic. researchers studied the world's population and ethnic groups and their conclusion was the most popular face would belong to a 28-year-old chinese man from the hand ethnic group. they made this composite image from nearly # hundred thousand men who fit that description. there you go. >> interesting stuff. -- from nearly 200,000 men who fit that description. there you go. >>
to protect civilians. the u.s. military will still provide support for combat missions that target ghadafi's ground forces. it took nato allies several days of hard bargaining to accept command of the no-fly zone. secretary of state hillary clinton says all 28 nations in nato agreed to the mission. >> we have agreed along with our nato allies to transition command and control for the no- fly zone over libya to nato. >> secretary clinton also says the united arab emirates are joining the coalition and sending plane to help protect the libyan civilians as well. >>> now to a setback in the disafter ther in japan. there is mother severe radio active contamination that could be released into the environment from the damaged nuclear reactor. safety officials at the plant suspect one of the reactor cores may have been breached. they stopped work at the plant to check on radiation levels. a spokesman says something at reactor number three may have been damaged. >>> elizabeth taylor has now been laid to rest. taylor died wednesday of congestive heart failure at the age of 79. a fall smiewn rail ser
this morning. there is a nice shot of the u.s. capitol building well lit on a cold morning across the area. it is monday, march 28th, 2011 and good morning. >> good morning to you all. tucker. >> yes. >> i said it wasn't as bad as i thought it who be this morning. i thought it who be chillier. but i didn't have to stand out in it in a long time. >> nice when the chauffeured limousine picks you up. >> who told you? >> for the rest of the us, it is mighty cold. >> see. i'm going to have so much fun this week. >> temperatures in the 20s and 30s. and for those of you taking the bus to work or school, it will be very cold. check out the sunrise right at 7:00 a.m. so there you go. let's take a look at these current temperatures. here in the city at reagan national, 32 degrees. most of the area, upper 20s and low 30s. wind are not to bad out of the north. we should be dry with partly sunny conditions as we have a storm passing to the south. these temperatures not where they should be. we'll be in the mid- to upper 40s. cool afternoon, 47 degrees. tomorrow looks bright and sunny. >> milder too, ri
emergency powers that let him put down the protests. yemen is a key u.s. ally in fighting al-qaeda but the white house is pico riveraing to predict if the president will survive the protests. >>> in iri can't, another violent protest turned deadly after security forces opened fire on crowds. fifteen died yesterday. at least six of them were killed inside a mosque. riot police also shot tear gas at demonstrators. twenty-two protesters have died since friday. >>> in israel, the first terrorist bombing in jerusalem in years killed one person and wounded more than 20 others including one american. several ambulances rushed to the scene. police are looking for the person would left a suspicious bag on a bus during rush hour. the bombing was followed by an air strike on gaza by israeli warplanes. soy we have more new developments out of japan as worker try to get that crippled nuclear power plant under control. why several of the works are had to be rushed to the hospital. >>> details of these massive flames as we check the headlines. ♪ [ female announcer ] why choose between del
. they were on the flight deck of the u.s.s. john c. stennis when a yet was preparing to take off but something went wrong and the yet burst into flames. four of the sailors were flown to naval medical center san diego. another six were treated for burns on board the carrier. >>> an air traffic controller has been suspended following a close call in central florida. the faa says the southwest airlines jet and a small plane came too close together putting both planes in danger. according to aviation officials, the air traffic controllerred the pilot of the other flight to check on the pilot who did not radio in for more than an hour. >>> in japan, high radiation levels are turning up outside of the damaged nuclear plant. the report shows the high levels are in a village just 25 miles from the plant. here at home, very low levels of radiation were found in a sample of milk in the state of washington on the west coast but federal officials say there should be no reason to worry. the fda says those findings were expected because of the crisis in japan. >>> tv's judge judy is in and l.
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